Throughout the production chain, we have built a base of strong and trusting relationships with our suppliers based in Europe, Turkey, India and China. We know the people behind the products, and by producing at smaller family businesses we support the communities and retain their long experience of craftsmanship. 

The craftsmanship and talent of each partner is used specifically for individual product groups. It is what they do best, and this has a major influence on how we design our collections. Furthermore, our suppliers are long-lasting partners who share the same values and who operate solely in accordance with the highest standards. 


At Les Coyotes de Paris, we strive to create friendly high-quality products for our environment and continuously improve our production processes. 

Our garments are designed to stand the test of time. Please show care for our items and the planet. When no longer needed pass it on to someone else (in need) or recycle. 


Les Coyotes de Paris creates products in innovative materials that are increasingly respectful of its ecosystem. Our design studio is committed to choosing the best quality materials to offer a unique experience to our customers.

When sourcing fabrics, we prioritize high quality natural fibres such as GOTS and FSC-certified textiles. We regularly work with existing, leftover fabrics from previous productions that otherwise would have gone to waste.

We strongly value quality and pieces that stand the test of time, lifespan, to ensure our pieces stand the test of time, read more for our offer proper care instructions and garment care guide. 


All our e-commerce packaging is made in Europe, centrally located, meaning freight emissions and transportation costs are reduced.

We are committed to reducing the use of plastic and have completely removed it from our final packaging in order to limit the dispersion of micro-plastics in our oceans.

Our packaging is composed of kraft paper, a natural material composed of wood pulp. The material composition ensures both durability and minimal impact on the environment as it is reused, recycled, and eventually naturally degrades. Our packaging is reusable for customers thanks to the two seals that extend the life of our kraft boxes and envelopes. 

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